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Mapping a path toward a modern vision for hydropower
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The Roadmap was developed with input from the hydropower community—and now community efforts that advance the Vision will be featured in our monthly Community Highlights! Check out the hydropower research and innovations that are making the Vision possible and contact us to submit your efforts to be featured. Read more.

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Hydropower is one of the oldest renewable energy technologies and currently provides approximately 28% of U.S. renewable generation. Hydropower plays an important role as the energy landscape evolves to include more renewables, but there are environmental and societal challenges related to hydropower that still need to be addressed. To support a sustainable, clean energy future with hydropower, a holistic view of hydropower and its community was needed. This website presents the Hydropower Vision Roadmap—the culmination of a collaborative, community effort to outline where hydropower is now, where we would like to be by 2050, and the goals and activities needed to get there.

How are you helping make the modern vision for hydropower a reality?

Community Highlights

Check out some of the efforts by the community that are bringing us closer to a modern vision for hydropower. Interested in featuring your project? Contact the Vision team.