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Mapping a path toward a modern vision for hydropower
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Hydropower is one of the oldest renewable energy technologies and provides approximately 28% of U.S. renewable generation. It contributes a variety of power and non-power services including grid resilience, water management, and recreation. As the energy landscape evolves, there are historical and contemporary environmental and societal challenges that need to be addressed. A holistic view of hydropower and its community is needed to ensure a sustainable, clean energy future. The Hydropower Vision Roadmap outlines the goals and activities needed to chart the path forward. 

With the release of the Hydropower Vision report in 2016, the Department of Energy made a commitment to the hydropower community to make the Vision report a living document. To uphold that commitment, we recently reimagined the Hydropower Vision Roadmap with the support of the hydropower community.  

The reimagined Roadmap is divided into the same five areas as the original Vision—Advanced Technology, Sustainable Development and Operations, Improved Valuation, Optimized Regulatory Processes, and Enhanced, Collaboration, Education, and Outreach. In each area, hydropower leaders and technical experts from all hydropower sectors engaged in discussions about the goals for a modern vision of hydropower and the activities needed to achieve them.  

This website is the culmination of that collaborative, community effort to outline where hydropower is now and where we would like to be by 2050. But our work is not over. Join us as we celebrate the release of the reimagined Hydropower Vision Roadmap and continue to mark progress toward its goals.